Creative singing lessons in St Remy : adults, children

Singing lessons in Saint Rémy

Would you like to discover your voice and to practice singing in a creative way?

singing lessons saint rémy

I invite you to join my singing lessons if you:

  • would like to sing but have trouble with your voice
  • would like to get the chance to sing in french with a french as a foreign language teacher and to learn more about french music
  • already regularly sing and want to experiment a new creative practice
  • would like to practice vocal improvisation
  • are looking for a singing course including a global method within movements, corporal consciousness, healthy phonation.
  • want to have fun through playful vocal exercises and co-creations!

All levels welcome!

Tuesday 18h-19H at the MumArt workshop in Saint Rémy

First session: 10 €

One shot: 17 €

Regular courses: 150 €/trimester (at least 10 sessions)

Annual course: 420 €

Informations & registrations : Marion 06 60 73 57 96

Singing lessons for children: 8 -11 years

A funny way to discover rhythm, get in touch with vocal technique basis, develop self-confidence and listening skills!

A playful approach to learn french and worldwilde songs through movements and games.

Come and join us!

singing course saint rely

Tuesday 17h-17H45 at the MumArt workshop in Saint Rémy

First session: 5 €

One shot: 12 €

Regular courses: 85 €/trimester (at least 10 sessions)

Informations & registrations : Marion 06 60 73 57 96

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